Monday, March 21, 2011

....& Beyond!

I started working with the Six Traits of writing in the winter of 2006 and since then have fallen in love with the world of writing.  I have felt, at times, that everything I do revolves around writing, but then I remember that I have to teach math at 2:00 everyday to 6 year olds.  LOL.  I suppose if we write story problems---we'll get some writing in math too.  ;)

Anyway, as I was saying, after I started working with the traits by dabbling for a year, and then launching the language into full swing in my classroom, I wanted to open the door to more teachers.  I felt like the traits were lost in translation---literally because so many thought it was another program.  Wrong-O friends!  It's a language, or rather, a common vocabulary.  

I became a trainer and co-taught a class with two other phenomenal teachers.  I wanted to keep going and teach the course again, but we were unable to get enough teachers who had not already taken the introductory class or who were able to match their schedules to the class schedule.  After listening for a year to what teachers were still needing, attending a fabulous seminar in Indianapolis with the amazing Kristina Smekens of Smekens Education, and proposing a level II class, I am pleased to announce that class starts on Thursday this week!  We have found 12 awesome, dedicated to learning, teachers in our district who are wanting more in the area of writing for their students.  They'll get to walk away from the course ready to launch the traits in 6 days at the beginning of their year in the fall of 2011!

I am thrilled to be able to work with these teachers and should be preparing for Thursday......but I just had to get all my excitement down first!!  ;)  Onward!