Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Memories

Over the summer I had the opportunity to have lunch with a couple of former students and their families.  We had an enjoyable time thinking about when they were in first grade and what they remembered about that year.  Then one of the moms shared this with me: "It was in your class that 'my daughter' learned to love writing."  Now that made my day and I continued to ask what she has been doing in regards to writing since first grade (she'll be in third grade this fall).  She proceeded to tell me that she writes everyday and is starting to put her writing collections together.  I invited her to share anything and everything with me throughout the following year.
Then as I was leaving the best part of the afternoon happened.  My former student came up to me and said "Wait, Mrs. Garnica!  I have something for you and I almost forgot!"  I waited by the door and then she came running around the corner with something behind her back.  "This is for you," she said as she handed me a book with her picture on the cover.  Stunned, I asked her what it included, even though I had a feeling I knew.  "It's everything I've written over the past few months and I put it in a book (Shutterfly) and I want you to have it."  Holding tears back I hugged her and thanked her over and over again.  I told her to keep writing and I couldn't wait to see her next book!
These are the moments we teach for.  You never know who you will inspire to go beyond their highest potential.  This little girl could be the next best selling author and it all started in her foundation years in elementary school!  

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